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Petition of John Carpenter


To the Honourable Members of the Congress at this time convened for the Province of NEW-YORK.

The humble Petition of JOHN CARPENTER, Sen˙, and MATTHEW GLEVES, Victuallers, and WILLBUR WOOD, Drover, showeth:

That the said Willbur Wood has been employed by the said John Carpenterand Matthew Gleves as a drover, to purchase cattle for them in the country; that he had purchased eleven head of neat cattle for them on the 16th of June instant, set out with them from his place of abode in Dutchess County, in this Province; that yesterday evening, about four o' clock, after said Willbur Wood had delivered the cattle at Richard Verian' s, the Bull' s-Head, in the Bowery Lane, for said Carpenter and Gleves, he went over to acquaint them of having brought such cattle, and where he had left them; that on his return to New-York, near the Fly Market he met with one Mr˙ Daniel Inslow and two other persons, who invited said Willbur Wood to go with them and drink some beer, which he did, as having been before acquainted with said Inslow, when in discourse, said Wood was asked if he did not bring down cattle for said Carpenter and Gleves, which he answered in the affirmative. They then replied that Carpenter should have none of them, for if he had, said Wood would meet with trouble, and directed him to come to said Bergen' s, this day, at two o' clock in the afternoon, and he should be paid for them by the said Mr˙ Inslow. That said Carpenter and Gleves have frequently supplied the Continental troops with provision, and said Carpenter at this time supplied two of the hospitals; and if these cattle are wanted for the troops, they are very willing they should part with the cattle for that purpose; but if that is not so, your Petitioners most humbly pray that this honourable Board will be pleased to take the premises into consideration, and make such order as shall appear necessary for the said cattle to be restored to your Petitioners, John Carpenter, Sen˙, and Matthew Gleves, who wait on this honourable Board with this their humble Petition, to give such further account and satisfaction in the premises as this honourable Board may require.


NEW-YORK, Friday morning, June 21, 1776.