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Affirmation taken by the Secretary of the Convention


Thursday, July 18, 1776, A˙ M.

The Convention met according to adjournment.

Mr˙ Morris, the Secretary, now attending, it was ordered, upon motion, that he should take the following Affirmation, viz:

"I, John Morris; do declare that I do not hold myself bound to bear allegiance to George the Third, King of Great Britain; and that I will steadily and firmly, at all times, promote the most effectual means, according to the best of my skill and knowledge, to oppose the tyrannical proceedings of the King and Parliament of Great Britain against the American Colonies, and support a government in this State on the authority of the people only; and that as Secretary of this Convention, I will be faithful, and make fair and just minutes of all their proceedings, according to the best of my abilities, and keep all such secrets as shall be directed to be kept by the Convention;" which he did accordingly.

Ordered, also, That the Clerk, when he shall come, shall make a declaration to the like import.