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Report of the Committee on General Thomas' s Letter


Thursday, June 1, 1775.

The Committee appointed to consider General Thomas' s Letter, brought in the following Report; which was accepted, and a copy of it ordered to be sent to the Muster-Master at Cambridge, and another to the Muster-Master at Roxbury, viz:

The Committee appointed to consider a letter from General Thomas, relative to immediately paying the Army the advanced pay, have attended that, services, and beg leave to report, that they have waited on the Receiver-General, to know of him how soon he can furnish the Muster-Masters with the Notes proposed for the Army; and were informed by the Receiver-General he now had several hundred Notes ready to deliver, and that he had provided all necessary helps, and would make the greatest despatch possible, and that he should be able to pay off at least one Regiment every day, and perhaps more; and that he would, from day to day, deliver one half of said Notes to the Muster-Master at Cambridge, and the other half to the Muster-Master at Roxbury.

Ordered, That a copy of the above be sent to the Muster-Masters.