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Message from the Legislative Council


Ordered, That the joint Address of this House and the honourable the Legislative Council, this day presented to his Excellency the President, together with his Excellency' s Answer, be forthwith printed and made publick.

Message from the Legislative Council, by their Clerk.

"In the Legislative Council, April 3, 1776.

"Mr˙ Speaker and Gentlemen:

"In answer to the verbal message, just now received by Colonel Gadsden and Mr˙ Chief Justice, relative to the amendments made by this House to the Ordinance making disposition of Moneys for the support of Government, and to enable his Excellency the President and Commander-in-Chief of South-Carolina for the time being, to execute certain powers in manner therein mentioned; we beg leave to acquaint you, that, agreeable to your request, we have examined the Ordinance, and cannot find any mistake therein. We, therefore, return the same, and shall be glad you will point out to us, either by message or at a free conference of both Houses, those mistakes you refer to.

" By order of the House: