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Intelligence from Boston


Boston, August 29, 1776.

Yesterday the Honourable Samuel Adams, one of the Delegates from this State to the Continental Congress, arrived in town from Philadelphia.

Last Saturday afternoon was chased into Marblehead, by the Milford frigate, the prize ship Isaac, from Tortola, bound to London, three hundred and fifty tons burden, commanded by Captain Ashburn, laden with five hundred hogsheads of sugar, forty-four puncheons of rum, one hundred and fifty bags of cotton, a considerable quantity of old copper, and a number of turtle. She was taken by the privateer sloop Warren, commanded by Captain Phillips; and had it not been for the fort at Marblehead, which fired at the Milford several times, she would have been inevitably retaken. And on Sunday the above frigate took, off Cape Ann, a prize brigantine coming into port, said to be one of Captain Whit' s, of Salem, laden with rum, from Grenada; also a large sloop, which our informant could not tell where from, nor who commanded her.

The privateer sloop Broome, Captain William Nott commander, belonging to New Haven, arrived at Dartmouth on Monday last, from a cruise, and has taken the four following valuable prizes, viz: On the 3d of August, in latitude 32° 25' and longitude 59° 46' , the ship Charming Sally, John Stell commander, bound to Europe from Dominica. She had on board four hundred and sixty-five hogsheads of sugar, thirty-one tierces ditto, thirty-five barrels ditto, and twenty-five tons of fustick. On the 4th of August, in latitude 32° 25' and longitude 59° 46' , the snow Ann, John Bowes Captain, from Tobago, bound to Lancaster, and had on board one hundred and sixty-nine hogsheads of sugar, twenty tierces ditto, twenty-six barrels ditto, forty bags of ginger, and one hundred and eighteen bales of cotton. On the 5th of August, in latitude 33° 37' and longitude 60° 16' , the brig Carolina Packet, Mark Towell Captain, bound from Antigua to London; had on board one hundred and fifty-one hogsheads of sugar, twelve tierces ditto, ten barrels ditto, two hogsheads of rum, and fourteen tons of lignum vitae and fustick. On the 7th of August, in latitude 34° 25' and longitude 60° 18' , the brig John, Captain Daniel McKay, bound from Grenada to Dublin; had on board ninety hogsheads and two tierces of rum.

Yesterday the General Assembly of this State convened at Watertown, agreeable to adjournment.