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Artificer Stores


The Committee appointed for that purpose, reported a draft of a Report of additional Artificers and Stores to be forwarded to Ticonderoga. The same was read and agreed to, and is in the words and figures following, to wit:

The Committee having considered the requisition on this Colony made by Colonel B˙ Arnold, commandant at Ticonderoga, for provisions and stores, &c˙, transmitted to this Congress by the Committee of Albany, and at the same time compared it with the list of supplies already ordered to be sent, do report, that the following additional stores, &c˙, ought to be provided and sent: 10 men of the train of artillery: 12 ship carpenters and caulkers: 2 gunsmiths: 2 blacksmiths: 2 masons: 100 hatchets: 20 broadaxes: 50 spades: 50 hoes; the iron work for 4 gins and blocks; 8 falls for do, of 4 1/2 inch rope: 1 coil 2 1/2 inch rope, 1 coil 2 inch rope, 1 coil 1 1/2 inch rope, 100 fathoms each: 4 pieces ravens, duck: 40 pounds sewing twine: 10 dozen of sail and bolt rope needles: 1 dozen palms: 2 seines, 30 fathom long, capt 12 feet, and arms 6 feet deep, of coarse twine, meshes 1 1/2 inch square: 2 dozen of nail hammers: 1 faggot of steel.

As to the oxen, carts, &c˙, mentioned in the said requisition, your Committee are of opinion that those can be procured in the neighbourhood of that post.

Ordered, That a copy thereof be made and delivered to Peter T˙ Curtenius, and that he be desired to obtain the said Artificers, Men, and Stores, and forward the same to Albany with all possible despatch.