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Letter to the Richmond County Delegates


New-York, November 24, 1775.

The Deputies from several of the Counties met; but there not being a majority of the Counties represented, the gentlemen present requested Mr˙ Benson to draught a Letter to the Representatives of the County of Richmond, in the late Provincial Congress, in the words following, viz:

New-York, November 24, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: The Deputies from most of the Counties have met during the course of this week, and, with the addition of a few members, who are hourly expected, will undoubtedly form a Congress next Monday or Tuesday, at farthest, and proceed to business. A report prevails that the people of your County will not send members to represent them in Provincial Congress. I am directed by the members present to inform you of this, and to request that you will inform them, as soon as you possibly can, of the state of your County relative to the choice of Deputies to represent them in the ensuing Congress.

Yours, &c˙, R˙ BENSON.

To Paul Micheau, John Journey, Aaron Cortelyou, Richard Connor, and Richard Lawrence, Esquires, Richmond County.

The Deputies present then adjourned, from day to day, until Friday, the 1st day of December.