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Providence (Rhode-Island) Town-Meeting



At a meeting held by adjournment, in Providence, on the 19th day of June, 1775:

The Hon˙ NICHOLAS COOKE, Esq˙, Moderator.

Whereas, Mr˙ Paul Allen has made up the town stock of powder into Cartridges, agreeable to a vote of the Town on the 15th May last; and whereas the Captains of the several Companies have not received the said Cartridges, in order to deliver the same to the inhabitants: It is now therefore

Voted, That Mr˙ Paul Allen be desired to deliver out said Cartridges to such of the inhabitants as he may think will make a proper use of them; and that he take a receipt from every person for so many of said Cartridges as he shall receive, promising to return the same on demand, (if not used in the Colony' s service,) at any time when the Town may order a review; or in case any of said Cartridges shall be missing when called for, to pay to the Committee who may be appointed to make said review, nine pence, lawful money, for every Cartridge which shall be so missing, unless they have been used in the publick defence; the said forfeiture of nine pence for every Cartridge missing, if any, to be appropriated to purchase Ammunition for the Town; and I hat no one person receive more than seventeen Cartridges to every fire-arm he may have fit for use.