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Ways and Means to Raise and Sink Ten Thousand Pounds Sterling


The Congress resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole, to take into consideration ways and means to raise and sink Ten Thousand Pounds sterling; and, after some time spent therein, the President resumed the Chair.

Resolved, That the Congress being a full representation of the whole Province, the members of the same, their constituents, and all others resident or holding property within the same, are bound to contribute, by an equal and general tax, towards the sinking the Ten Thousand Pounds sterling.

Resolved, That the Congress while sitting, and the Council of Safety in its recess, have power to issue Certificates from time to time, as occasion shall require, to the amount of Ten Thousand Pounds sterling, and that all such Certificates shall be signed by the Treasurers, and at least three of the Members of the Council of Safety.

Resolved, That any person who shall not receive any such Certificate in payment will be guilty of a breach of the publick faith, and ought to be considered as an enemy to the Province, and treated accordingly.

Resolved, That the said Certificate be sunk in three years after a reconciliation shall take place between Great Britain and the Colonies.