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Letter from General Greene to the New-York Congress


CAMP ON LONG-ISLAND,June 14, 1776.

SIR: I have a brother here fromRhode-Island, (Mr˙Jacob Greene,) that has an inclination to have the small-pox by inoculation. He is much exposed often in the execution of the publick business. He purposes to go upon the Hospital Island, and there be inoculated, and stay till he is properly cleansed. If the Congress can grant him this favour without injuring the publick, shall esteem it a peculiar kindness.

My brother also wants to purchase a few small cannon for a privateer. He begs the Congress permission for the same. The proprietors of the cannon think it necessary to obtain your consent before they dispose of them, notwithstanding they are private property. You will be kind enough to favour me with the resolution of the Congress upon the above requests, which will oblige your most obedient humble servant,


ToN˙ Woodhull, Esq˙, President of the Congress.