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In Congress, January 19, 1776.

Resolved, That four Battalions be raised in the Colony of New-York, for the defence of that Colony, upon the same pay with those directed to be raised in the Colony of Pennsylvania, and that they be stationed as the Commanding-Officer of the New-York Department shall think best, to garrison the several Forts in that Colony, from Crown-Point to the southward, and to prevent depredations upon Long-Island, and promote the safety of the whole.

Ordered, That a copy of the foregoing Resolution be transmitted to the Council of Safety of New-York, and that they be requested, with all possible expedition, to transmit to Congress the names of a number of gentlemen, at least two for each command, out of whom the Congress may elect Field-Officers for said Battalions.

That General Washington be requested to detach from the Camp at Cambridge, one Battalion, if the service there will permit him to spare one, with orders to march, with the greatest expedition possible, to Canada.


That for the more speedy raising the Battalions ordered, on the 8th of January, to be raised in the Colonies of New-Hampshire, Connecticut, New-York, and Pennsylvania, for the defence of Canada, it be recommended to the General Assemblies, Conventions, or Councils, or Committees of Safety of those Colonies, respectively, to exert their utmost endeavours in raising the said Battalions, upon the same pay and subsistence as the Army at Cambridge, and to furnish them with Provisions, Ammunition, and other necessaries, for expediting their march to Canada; and for further encouraging the men more cheerfully to enter into the service of their country, to give a Bounty of six and two-thirds dollars to every able-bodied, effective man, properly clothed for the service, and having a good Firelock, with a Bayonet and other Accoutrements; and four dollars to every Soldier not having the like Arms and Accoutrements; the Arms to be supplied by the Colony, and the cost to be deducted out of the Soldier' s pay; and, also, to provide a Blanket and Haversack for every inlisted Soldier; and, moreover, to advance one month' s pay to every Officer and Soldier before their march, that they may be able to purchase necessary clothing.

"That the first two Companies which shall be complete of every Battalion, do march to that country as soon as they shall be ready, and be followed in the same numbers, with like expedition, by the rest of the corps; and that it be recommended to the General Assemblies, Conventions, and Councils, or Committees of Safety, of the Colonies in which Battalions are directed to be raised, that they respectively attend to this business."