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Letter from S. Metcalf to Colonel Bayley



Prattsburgh, July 21, 1776.

DEAR SIR: I am sorry I had not the pleasure of seeing Mr˙ Witherspoon, &c˙, &c. The bearers hereof are our Canadian officers, late of Colonel James Livingston' s regiment, who inform me that the forces in Canada are no ways equal to what they were at first reported; and that General Carleton has miscarried in the plan he had laid to make himself master of this Lake, by drawing three vessels, which had been previously built for the purpose, over sand, past the rapids of Chambly, they being entirely broke to pieces in the attempt, and now totally abandoned; so that General Sullivan will undoubtedly remain master of this country for the season at least, he having fortified with an intrenchment and cannon. Point-au-Fer, on the north end of the Lake, where, stands a brick house, commonly called the White House, is a very advantageous situation, as it commands the navigation towards St˙ John' s, and is formed into a kind of an island, by a deep morass that runs behind it from one bay to the other. I having no boat to assist these people with, who are on their way to Albany, they were constrained to go this road; and as they speak very little English, you had better give them a pass to Albany.

I am, dear sir, your friend and obedient humble servant,