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Petition of Thomas Lamar


A Petition of Thomas Lamar was presented to the House and read, in the words following:

"That the petitioner has undertaken to act in the capacity of Post-rider from the upper parts of Savannah river, near Augusta, to Charles-Town, since the 28th of June last. That he has been down seven times since, and always brought despatches from the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, and other gentlemen, to the President, on publick service. That the petitioner has waited in Charles-Town for his Excellency' s answers, by which means he has been detained for some days at a great expense, and has never received any consideration for such services. That the petitioner is willing to engage for a moderate compensation to continue to ride twice in every month, and to carry all despatches on the service of the State. The petitioner prays for an allowance for his past services, or a fixed sum by the year, as to the honourable House shall seem meet," &c.

Ordered, That the Petition be referred to a Committee.

And it is referred to the Honourable Mr˙ Edwards, Colonel Gervais, and Mr˙ Gibbes.

A Petition of Quintin Pooler was presented to the House and read.

Ordered, That the Petition do lie on the table.