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Letter from General McDonald to General Moore



Head-Quarters, February 20, 1776.

SIR: I received your favour, by Captain James Walker, and observed you declared sentiments of revolt, hostility,


and rebellion to the King, and to what I understand to be the Constitution of this country. If I am mistaken, future consequences must determine; but while I continue in my present sentiments, I shall consider myself embarked in a cause which must, in its consequences, extricate this country from anarchy and licentiousness. I cannot conceive that the Scots Emigrants, to whom I imagine you allude, can be under greater obligations to this country than to that King under whose gracious and merciful Government they alone could have been enabled to visit this Western region: and I trust, sir, it is in the womb of time to say, that they are not that deluded and ungrateful people which you would represent them to be. As a soldier in his Majesty' s service, I must inform you, if you are yet to learn, that it is my duty to conquer, if I cannot reclaim all those who may be hardy enough to take up arms against the best of masters, as of Kings.

I have the honour to be, in behalf of the Army under my command, sir, your most obedient servant,


To James Moore, Esq.