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Drafts for One Thousand and Fifty Men


Resolved, That at least one thousand men from the country Militia are necessary for the immediate defence of Charlestown.

Captain John Allston' s Letter, of the 15th instant, being taken into consideration,

Resolved, That the Resolution of Congress, of the 27th of November last, relative to Captain Allston' s Indian Company of Foot Rangers or Rovers, be made void, and that the said Company be restored to their original establishment.

Whereas one thousand and fifty men of the country Militia, exclusive of commissioned and non-commissioned Officers, are necessary to do duty in and near Charlestown, in addition to the Regulars and town Militia, from the first day of March to the first day of April next:


Therefore Resolved, That the following drafts be forthwith made and marched to Charlestown, to relieve the Militia to be discharged on the first day of March, viz:

From the Regiments of Capt' s. Sub' s. Rank & File.
Colonel Powell, 2 4 125
Colonel Richardson, 3 6 180
Colonel Bull, 1 3 75
Late Colonel Fletchall, 1 3 100
Colonel Starke, 1 2 65
Colonel Thomas, 1 2 50
Colonel Savage, 1 3 100
Colonel Neel, 1 2 55
Colonel Thomson, 2 4 100
Colonel Rothmahler, 2 4 100
Colonel Singellton, 1 2 50
Colonel Glover, 12 50
  17 37 1050

And further Resolved, That the said drafts shall remain in and near Charlestown one month; at the expiration of which time they shall be relieved monthly by the same numbers, to do the same duty, from the same Regiments; that the first drafts shall be made of such men (if there are any such in their respective Regiments) as have not been on duty by order of Congress or Council of Safety — except in such Regiments, respectively, volunteers shall offer to do the duty for which the drafts are intended; and that the Colonels of the said Regiments respectively shall appoint the Captains and Subalterns, to command the said detachments, according to the dates of their commissions.

Resolved, That the Militia on the Sea-Islands, and in Christ-Church Parish, be not included in the said drafts.

Ordered, That Mr˙ President do transmit copies of the foregoing Resolves to the Commanding Officers of the several Regiments from which drafts are to be made, by express, with the utmost expedition.

Ordered, That Letters be forthwith written, by different conveyances, to the Continental Congress, at Philadelphia, acquainting them with the present situation of affairs in this Colony, and the recent alarming intelligence we have received from Georgia, of the hostile armament collecting at Cockspur.

Adjourned to eleven o' clock to-morrow.