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General Orders


Head-Quarters, Cambridge, August 13, 1775.

(Parole, WilIiamsburgh.)

(Countersign, Torrington.)

A General Court-Martial to set to-morrow morning to try Col˙ John Mansfield, of the Massachusetts Forces, accused by three of his officers of high crimes and misdemeanors. One Brigadier-General and twelve Field-Officers to compose the Court.

President-Brigadier-General Green.

Members-Col˙ James Reed, Col˙ Patterson, Col˙ James M˙ Varnum, Col˙ Woodbridge, Lt˙ Col˙ Wyman, Lt˙ Col˙ March, Lt˙ Col˙ Holdon, Lt˙ Col˙ Miller, Major Cudworth, Major Sawyer, Major Butterick, Major Angell.