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July 21, 1775


Midsummer Assembly, July 21, 1775.

Resolved, That the thanks of the Sheriffs and Commons be presented to Lord Effingham, for having chosen gloriously to resign his commission rather than imbrue his hands in the blood of his innocent and oppressed fellow-subjects.

Which being enclosed to his Lordship by the proper officer, the following answer was received:

"SIR: I have been favoured with your letter of the 21st of July last, enclosing a copy of a resolution of the Sheriffs and Commons of the City of Dublin.

"Next to the testimony of a man' s own conscience, is, in my opinion, his greatest happiness to have the approbation of the wise and honest among his fellow-subjects.

"The former of these can, I think, be no other way enjoyed, than by a strict adherence to those principles which, at the Revolution, achieved our civil and religious liberties; and it is easy, Sir, for you to conceive, but beyond my abilities to express, what I felt at my conduct' s being judged by so independent and respectable an assembly as the Sheriffs and Commons of the City of Dublin deserving of the latter.

"I am, with truth and respect, Sir, your most obedient humble servant,


"The Holmes, August 14, 1775.

"To Alfred Howard, Esquire, Dublin."