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Doctor Church to General Sullivan



American Hospital, September 14, 1775.

Dr˙ Church presents his most respectful compliments to General Sullivan, and most heartily felicitates himself on receiving so honorary a testimonial of General Sullivan' s approbation, as he met with the last evening, at Head-Quarters. The Doctor esteems himself peculiarly happy that the undeserved prejudice against him is so totally removed, which, from frequent intimations, he was apprehensive had possessed the General' s mind. He flatters himself that his whole conduct, during the present unhappy contest, will bear the strictest scrutiny. A regard to place, popularity, or the more detestable motive of avarice, never influenced his conduct in publick life. The sole object of his pursuit, the first wish of his heart, was ever the salvation of his Country.

The Doctor, nevertheless, in justice to himself, and with respect to the man who behind the curtain has influenced and took the lead in the opposition to him, must declare, that although he could never stoop to act the parasite, play the buffoon, or become the herald of his own eminence in his profession, would feel the indignation of conscious merit, should he be put in competition with the person who vainly endeavours to supplant him.

Hon˙ General Sullivan.