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New Army Before Boston


The Congress, taking into consideration the Report of the Committee from the Camp,

Resolved, That the new Army intended to lie before Boston, consist of twenty thousand three hundred and seventy-two men, officers included.

Resolved, That the Pay of the Officers and Privates (except that of the Captains, Lieutenants, and Ensigns in the marching Regiments) be the same as in the present Army.

Resolved, That the Pay of a Captain, in the marching Regiments, be 26 2-3 Dollars per calendar month.

That the Pay of a Lieutenant in ditto, be 18 Dollars per ditto.

The Pay of an Ensign in ditto, be 13 1-3 Dollars per ditto.

Resolved, That each Regiment consist of seven hundred and twenty-eight men, officers included; that it be divided into eight Companies, each Company to consist of one Captain, two Lieutenants, one Ensign, four Sergeants, four Corporals, two Drums or Fifes, and seventy-six Privates.

Resolved, That a Ration consist of the following kind and quantity of Provisions: 1 lb˙ Beef, or 3-4 lb˙ Pork, or 1 lb˙ salt Fish, per day; 1 lb˙ Bread or Flour per day; 3 pints of Peas or Beans per week, or vegetables equivalent, at one Dollar per bushel for Peas or Beans; 1 pint of Milk per man per day, or at the rate of 1-72 of a Dollar; 1 half-pint of Rice, or one pint of Indian Meal, per man per week; 1 quart of spruce Beer or Cider per man per day, or nine gallons of Molasses, per Company of 100 men per week; 3 lb˙ Candles to 100 men per week, for Guards; 24 lb˙ soft, or 8 lb˙ hard Soap, for 100 men per week.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the several Assemblies or Conventions of the Colonies, respectively, to set and keep their Gunsmiths at work, to manufacture good Firelocks, with Bayonets; each Firelock to be made with a good bridle lock, three-quarters of an inch bore, and of good substance at the breech, the barrel to be three feet eight inches in length, the bayonet to be eighteen inches in the blade, with a steel ramrod, the upper loop thereof to be trumpet-mouthed; that the price to be given be fixed by the Assembly or Convention, or Committee of Safety of each Colony; and that, until a sufficient quantity of good Arms can be manufactured, they import as many as are wanted, by all the means in their power.

Resolved, That the good Arms of such Soldiers as leave the service be retained for the use of the new Army, on a valuation made of them.


Resolved, That Clothing be provided for the new Army by the Continent, and paid for by stoppages out of the Soldiers' wages, at 1 2-3 Dollars per month; that as much as possible of the Cloth for this purpose be dyed brown, and the distinctions of the Regiments made in the facings. That a man who brings a good new Blanket into the Camp be allowed two Dollars therefor, and take it away at the end of the campaign.

Resolved, That, in order to supply the Army with Provisions, the Commissary-General be directed to cause Cattle and Hogs to be driven, at proper seasons, to the Camp, there to be cured; and as to the articles of Bread and Flour, that he proceed in the way he has done for some time past.

Resolved, That such Officers as have served in the present Army to approbation, and are willing to stay, be preferred; and if there are more of these than are necessary for the new Army, that the General distinguish such as he deems best qualified.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the several Legislatures of New-England, to empower the General to impress Carriages, Vessels, Horses, and other things necessary, at a reasonable rate, for the transportation or march of the Army, or any part of it, or on any other emergency; and that this power may be deputed in writing, under the hand of the General, to the Quartermaster-General, or to any inferior officer, who are to be accountable for any abuse thereof.

Resolved, That the General be directed to propose to the Officers now serving in the present Army, that they signify in writing, as soon as possible, which of them will continue to serve and defend their Country, and which of them will retire; and that such Officers as propose to continue in the service, and are approved by the General, proceed to enlist their men into the Continental service, upon the same pay and allowance of provisions as is now given; their service to continue to the last day of December, 1776, subject to be discharged at any time by the Continental Congress.

Resolved, That if, upon trial, the number of men before resolved on cannot be raised out of the present Army, then the officers appointed for the new Army recruit their several Regiments and Companies to their full complement; and, in case the necessity of the service requires it, that the General be empowered to call forth the Minute-Men or Militia of Massachusetts-Bay or the neighbouring Colonies, according to the nature and exigence of the service.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the several Legislatures, Assemblies, or Conventions of the Colonies, to enact a Law or pass an Ordinance inflicting the following punishments upon such as harbour Deserters, knowing them to be such, viz: a fine upon all such offenders, not less than thirty nor more than fifty Dollars; and in case of inability to pay the fine, to be punished with whipping, not exceeding thirty-nine lashes for each offence. Also, that they empower the Commander-in-Chief, or the Officer commanding a detachment or any outpost, to administer an oath, and swear any person or persons: to the truth of any information or intelligence, or any other matter relative to the publick service.

Resolved, That any person who shall apprehend a Deserter, and bring him to the Regiment to which he belongs, upon certificate thereof by the Colonel or Commanding Officer of such Regiment, shall be entitled to receive five Dollars, and all reasonable expenses, from the Paymaster-General or Deputy Paymaster, which is to be deducted from the pay of such Soldier.

Resolved, That the further consideration of the Report be referred till to-morrow.

The Committee appointed to take into consideration the state of South-Carolina brought in their Report; which being read,

Resolved, That for the defence of South-Carolina there be kept up in that Colony, at the Continental expense, three Battalions of Foot; each Battalion to consist of the same number of men and officers, and be upon the same pay and under the same regulations as the Continental Army.

Resolved, That for the defence of the Colony of Georgia there be one Battalion kept up there, at the Continental expense, to be composed as the Battalions for the defence of South-Carolina.


Resolved, That the said Troops be enlisted to the 31st day of December, 1776, subject, however, to be discharged sooner, if the Continental Congress shall think proper.

Resolved, That the President sign blank Commissions, and that the Conventions, or, in their recess, the Councils of Safety for South-Carolina and Georgia, respectively, fill them up with the names of such Officers as they may think proper, and return a list thereof to the Congress.

Resolved, That in cases of vacancy, occasioned by the death or removal of a Colonel or inferior Officer, the said Conventions, or, in their recess, the said Councils of Safety, appoint another person to fill up such vacancy, until a Commission shall issue from this Congress, and that they return to this Congress a list of the names of the person or persons so appointed.

Resolved, That the Officers on the Continental Establishment shall, when acting in conjunction with Officers of equal rank on the Provincial Establishment, take command of the latter, and also of the Militia; and the Officers of the Troops on the Provincial Establishment shall, when acting in conjunction with the Officers of the Militia, take command and precedence of the latter of equal rank, notwithstanding prior dates of commissions.

Resolved, That if the Convention, or, in their recess, the Council of Safety of South-Carolina, shall think it expedient, for the security of that Colony, to seize or destroy, and shall seize or destroy, any Ship or Vessel of War, this Congress will approve of such proceeding.

Resolved, That the Town of Charlestown ought to be defended against any attempts that may be made to take possession thereof by the enemies of America; and that the Convention or Council of Safety of the Colony of South-Carolina ought to pursue such measures as to them shall seem most efficacious for that purpose, and that they proceed immediately to erect such Fortifications and Batteries, in or near Charlestown, as will best conduce to promote its security; the expense to be paid by the said Colony.

Resolved, That if the Convention of South-Carolina shall find it necessary to establish a form of Government in that Colony, it be recommended to that Convention to call a full and free representation of the people; and that the said Representatives, if they think it necessary, establish such a form of Government as in their judgment will best produce the happiness of the people, and most effectually secure peace and good order in the Colony, during the continuance of the present dispute between Great Britain and the Colonies.

The matters referred to this day postponed, and the Order of the Day renewed,

Adjourned to ten o' clock, on Monday next.