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Treaty with the Prince of Waldeck



Thursday, May 2, 1776.

The Lord North acquainted the House that he had a Message from his Majesty to this House, signed by his Majesty; and he presented the same to the House; and it was read by Mr˙ Speaker, (all the members of the House being uncovered,) and is as followeth, viz:


"His Majesty, relying on the experienced zeal and affection of his faithful Commons, and considering that, during the present troubles in North-America, emergencies may arise which may be of the utmost importance, and be attended with the most dangerous consequences, if proper means should not be immediately applied to prevent or defeat them, is desirous that this House will enable him to defray any extraordinary expenses incurred, or to be incurred, on account of military services, for the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy-six, and as the exigency of affairs may require. And his Majesty, having judged it expedient to issue his Proclamation, in pursuance of an act of Parliament, passed in the fourteenth year of his reign, for calling in the remainder of the deficient gold coin, doubts not but his faithful Commons will enable him to make good the charges which shall be incurred in this service, and which cannot at this time be ascertained.

"G˙ R˙"