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Letter from the Council of Safety to Captains Barnes and Elliott



[No˙ 51.] Annapolis, July 17, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: We received your favour of the 16th instant about an hour ago, and are sorry to find the people of Kent Island so very uneasy from an opinion Dunmore will attack them. We do not apprehend, unless he should receive a considerable reinforcement, that he will attempt anything of that sort, as, from the best information we have of them, his party is unequal to such a measure. However, hearing of the apprehensions which prevailed among you, and that you were not sufficiently provided with ammunition by the Committee of Observation for Queen Anne' s, who we expected would supply you, and being desirous of guarding against every possibility of danger, we had ordered, before the receipt of your letter, a barrel of powder and four hundred pounds of lead to be lodged with Messrs˙ Thomas Ringgold, Aquila Brown, and Dr˙ Ringgold, for the use of the Island, and that Captain Dean' s company of the Flying Camp Militia should, as soon as they could be armed, march down for your protection. But as your recommendation of such as would answer the purpose would probably expedite the business, we think you had better make the proper inquiry, and write us. We are, &c.

To Captains Barnes and Ellicott.