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Council of War held at Head-Quarters


Camp at Deschambault, ss.

At a Council of War, held at Head-Quarters, May 7th, 1776 — Present:

Major-General Thomas, President.


Brig General Wooster. No.
Lieut˙ Colonel Brown. No.
Colonel Burrell. No.
Lieut˙ Colonel Antill. Yea.
Colonel Campbell. No.
Lieut˙ Colonel Allen. Yea.
Colonel Elmore. No.
Lieut˙ Col˙ Williams. Yea.
Colonel Livingston. No.
Major Morris. No.
Lieut˙ Colonel Irvine. No.
Major Sedgwick. No.
Lieut˙ Colonel Shreve. No.
Major Ray. No.
Lieut˙ Colonel Buel. No.


Question proposed by the President:

1. Is it prudent for the Army in its present situation to attempt to make a stand at this place?

Carried in the negative.

2. What place will be proper for the Army to take post at?

Agreed unanimously, That the Army take post at some convenient place near the mouth of the Sorel.

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