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Committee of Safety


Be it enacted by this General Assembly, and by the authority thereof it is enacted, That the Lieutenant-General, Brigadier-General, and the Committee of Safety, be, and they, or the major part of them, are hereby fully authorized and empowered, to order and direct when and in what manner the forces, or any part thereof, shall march out of this Colony to the assistance of any neighbouring Colony in distress.

It is Voted and Resolved, That the Brigadier-General draw up the several Regiments to be raised in this Colony, either singly or together; and that the Captains of the several companies, not belonging to the field-officers thereof, shall draw lots for their places and stations in the Regiments aforesaid.

It is Voted and Resolved, That the form of a Commission to a Colonel of a Regiment in the Army of Observation, now laid before this Assembly, be, and the same, is hereby approved; and that similar Commissions, mutatis mutandis, be issued to the other officers of said Army.