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Deposition of Roeloff Schenck, of the inimical conduct of William Warne


Roeloff Schenck being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists, deposeth and saith: That his brother, Guisbert Schenck, and others, were present at the conversation with William Warne; that the said Warne informed them that the enemy were in possession of Nassau-Island; that the inhabitants were making their submission; that he said that from the information he had received, the two armies of the enemy when they met would be near eighty thousand men; that he intimated that he thought the Americans would be overcome; that he seemed inclined to think that the Americans had best to submit; that he also said that he had been informed that the Regulars, by a battery or some works on Long-Island, had demolished the works at Home' s Hook; that he said he had his information from David Colden, Dr˙ Ogden, and others; that he said he heard a Highlander say that he had himself taken ninety-nine men; that he informed that he had seen many of the officers, both Hessians and others;. that he said those called friends to Government, were distinguished by a piece of something red on their hats; that he said he was not disposed to fight in the affair on either side, and that he would be willing to comply with the measures of Government, for that he thought it would be in vain to resist, or words to that effect; that he further informed that he had heard that General Howe had sent down to the inhabitants of Suffolk County that if they did not submit he would send down his army and destroy them; that the different towns in that County had sent in addresses to the General; that he had directed them if they would testify their loyalty to send him two hundred wagons to transport cannon and baggage towards Newtown or Hell-Gate, and that the different towns had sent three hundred wagons; that he further said that he had been informed that Justice Kissam was administering oaths of allegiance to the inhabitants.


Sworn the 10th day of September, 1776, before me,

ABM˙ YATES, Jun˙, President.