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Signers in Rindge



Abraham Wetherbe,
Jeremiah Towne,
William Carlton,
Nehemiah Town,
Benjamin Bancroft,
John Simonds,
Amasa Turner,
Nathan Hubbard,
John Page,
John Townshend,
Ebenezer Lock,
Jeremiah Chapman,
Nathaniel Russell,
Jacob Hobbs,
John Dean,
Salmon Stone,
Enoch Hale,
Seth Dean,
Edward Jewett,
Jonathan Sherwin,
Abel Stone,
William Russell,
Nathaniel Page,
Solomon Cutter,
John Demary,
John Handsom,
Jonathan Sawiell,
John Whitaker,
James Crombie,
John Sherwin,
James Philbrick,
Samuel Tarbell,
Paul Pitch,
Samuel Sherwin,
James Wood,
John Hanaford,
Richard Kimball,
Benjamin Levering,
Henry Goading,
Joshua Webster,
Ebenezer Shaw,
Joel Russell, Jun˙
Benjamin Carlton,
Abel Platts,
Daniel Davis,
Zebulon Converse,
Isaac Wood,
Benjamin Gould,
Jonathan Ingalls,
Josiah Ingalls,
Jeremiah Norcross,
Elisha Perkins,
Caleb Winn,
Joseph Plats,
Page Norcross,
Samuel Walker,
Aaron Esley,
Ezekiel Larnard,
Simon Davis, Jun˙,
Rich˙ Kimball, Jun˙,
Daniel Russell,
Jotham Pulnam,
Stephen Jewet,
David Hale,
Nathaniel Ingalls,
Nehemiah Bowers,
Richard Thompson,
Samuel Russell,
Francis Towne,
Amos Davis,
William Davis,
Moses Hale,
George Lake,
James Streetor,
Jonathan Ball,
John Thomson,
Ichahod Thomson,
Eleazer Coffin,
Jephthah Richardson,
Abijah Haskell,
Eliakim Darling,
Asa Sherwin,
Barnabas Cary,
Benjamin Newman,
Jehoshaphat Grout,
John Lovejoy, Jun˙,
Othniel Thomas,
John Buswell,
Nehemiah Porter,
Daniel Lake,
Abel Plats,
Reuben Page,
Jonathan Town, Jun˙,
Timothy Wood,
Solomon Whitney,
Israel Adams,
Simon Davis,
William Robbins
Jabez Norcross,
Abel Ferkins,
Samuel Page,
Joel Russell, Ezekiel Rand,
John Ellis,
Jona˙ Parker, Jun,
Jonathan Towne,
Thomas Hutchinson,
John Fitch,
Jonathan Parker,
Asa Tyler,
Samuel Parker,


Ebenezer Chaplin,
John Wetherbee,
Benjamin Peirce,
John Emery,
Ebenezer Davis,
Samuel Whiting,
James Cutter,
Daniel Rand,
Oliver Stevens,
Solomon Rand,
Jeremiah Russell,
Samuel Stanley,
Joseph Stanley,
Richard Davis,
James Carlton,
Samuel Paig, Jun˙,
Deliverance Wilson,
Jonathan Stanley,
Jacob Gould,
Elijah Rice,
Israel Adams, Jun˙,
Caleb Huston,
John Gray,
Nathaniel Thomas,
David Robbins,
Oliver Gould,
Ezekiel Jewett,
Randall Jarvis,
Simeon Ingalls,
Henry Smith,
Joshua Tyler,
Daniel Gray,
William Walton,
Levi Mansfield,
Benjamin Moore,
David Adams,
Samuel Adams,
Daniel Adams.

To the Honourable General Assembly, or the Honourable Committee of Safety, for the Colony of NEW-HAMPSHIRE:

In obedience to the within request, we have desired all the males in this Town to sign the within Declaration, (except those that are excepted,) and they have all signed.

EDWARD JEWETT, Selectmen of Rindge.
JONATHAN SHERWIN, Selectmen of Rindge.
ABEL STONE, Selectmen of Rindge.

Colony of New-Hampshire, Rindge, June 1, 1776,