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Complaint against John James Boyd


Captain John Warner, of the Militia of New-York, attending at the door, sent in a Warrant from Lord Stirling, as commander of the Continental forces at present of this City, authorizing the said John Warner to proceed to Richmond County, and take the person of James Boyd, and bring him before the Provincial Congress, or Committee of Safety, with such evidence as he had against him. The said John Warner was called in and heard.

Joseph Welpley, a witness against John James Boyd, of Richmond County, was called in and examined, and his examination taken down in writing, and filed.

The Congress considering the evidence offered, are of opinion that the said John James Boyd is so unimportant and insignificant a person in the community, as not to deserve the expense or trouble of apprehending him without further testimony of some overt acts inimical to the American Colonies, and therefore dismissed Captain Warner and Joseph Welpley, with commendations of their vigilance and readiness, and directed them to inform the Congress, or Committee of Safety, if they should know of any future ill behaviour of the said John James Boyd.