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The following is a copy of a Letter from Colonel Heard:

"Amboy, June 17, 1776.

"SIR: Agreeable to an order and resolve of the Provincial Congress lately sent to me, I this morning, with Major Deare, went to Governour Franklin, and desired him to comply with the order of Congress, and sign the Parole sent me, which he absolutely refused to do, and forbade me, at my peril, to carry the order into execution. We then left the Governour' s house, and ordered a company of Militia, which were in readiness, to attend, and have placed a guard of about sixty men at and around his house. I expect he will persist in refusing to comply, and therefore send this per express, and beg the further directions of Congress respecting this matter as soon as possible by return of the bearer, and shall act accordingly.

"I am, in great haste, sir, your most humble servant,


"To Samuel Tucker, Esq˙, President of the Provincial Congress, New-Jersey."