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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


Mr˙ Thomas Place appeared before the Committee, and produced an invoice of a cargo, consisting of Salt and Earthen-Ware, shipped by Janes Gildart, on board the


Totness, Captain Warring, amounting to two hundred and twenty Pounds eighteen Shillings and four and a half Pence sterling.

On motion, Ordered, That the Proceedings in the Maryland Gazette of the 13th July, respecting the Ship Johnson, and declaring James Gildart, of Liverpool, an enemy to the liberties of America, be republished in the two Baltimore Newspapers.

And a question arising how far breaking off all commercial intercourse with James Gildart should effect any connections with Johnson Gildart, or Ashburner & Place, or whether they ought to be included therein as partners with him, after some debates thereon, it was agreed to be referred to a future meeting.