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Committee to See that the Army


Monday, June 19, 1775.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Bonney, Mr˙ Foster, and Colonel Thompson, be and hereby are appointed a Committee to repair immediately to Cambridge, and inquire what methods are taken to supply the Army at the Intrenchments with Victuals and Drink, and take effectual care that they be well supplied without delay.

Ordered, That Colonel Parks, Deacon Fairbanks, and Doctor Whiting, be, and hereby are appointed a Committee to take into consideration a Letter from General Ward respecting the supplying the soldiers with Blankets and other articles lost in battle; also for providing Spears for defence.

Doctor Hall, Doctor Jones, and Mr˙ Bigelow, were appointed a Committee to consider the expediency of establishing another Hospital for the sick and wounded of the Army, and ordered to sit forthwith.

Deacon Bailey, Captain Goodman, and Mr˙ Fisher, were appointed a Committee to inquire of the Committee of Supplies how far they have proceeded to supply the soldiery with Blankets, &c˙, and make report.

Captain Goodrich, Mr˙ Aikin, and Doctor Dwight, are appointed to consider a Letter from the Hon˙ Jedediah Preble and Hon˙ Enoch Freeman, respecting Colonel Phinney' s Regiment being commissioned for the defence of the sea-coasts.