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Letter from General Waterbury to General Gates



Skenesborough, August 4, 1776.

DEAR GENERAL: I received your Honour' s favour of the 1st instant, and, according to order, I immediately sent off two messengers from this place to go on the most publick roads to New England, to hasten the troops according to your Honour' s orders, and sent such men as I think will be faithful in the execution of the same.

I must acquaint your Honour that I fear, do the best I can, that the carpenters will wait for plank, as the water fails at this place much. The carpenters want plank tomorrow. I am going to set the saw mill at Cheshire' s to sawing oak plank, as the carpenters must want, so I can fetch them down by water.

I am very anxious to get the galleys forward, as we can well, with the rest of our shipping, command the Lake, being well manned and conducted. If it is disagreeable to your Honour' s mind for the mill at Cheshire' s to saw plank, I should be glad to be informed, as I would not act anything disagreeable to your Honour' s mind.

I have this day sent an express to Albany, to General Schuyler, desiring him to forward iron and other necessaries for building the shipping.

The troops come entirely destitute of ammunition, and should be glad your Honour would send us a supply of bullets; and am, with the greatest esteem, your Honour' s humble servant,

P˙ S. This moment arrived a company of Boston troops, which I shall forward immediately.