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Committee to Inquire whether Houses or Tents can be Obtained for Troops


June 16, 1775.

The Committee took into consideration the Resolves of Congress relative to Barracks; whereupon,

Voted, That Mr˙ Watson, Mr˙ Gushing, and Doctor Holten, be a Committee to make inquiry whether any Houses or Tents are to be obtained for the Troops that want cover.

The Commissary-General was directed to furnish Messrs˙ Joseph and Thomas Austin, armourers in the Colony service, with Provisions as wanted.

Colonel Gridley' s Captains and Subalterns for the Train were this day recommended to Congress to be commissioned.

Mr˙ Burbeck was recommended as Lieutenant-Colonel in Colonel Gridley' s Train of Artillery; Mr˙ Scarborough Gridley as First Major, and Mr˙ David Mason as Second Major in said Regiment of Artillery.