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Colonel Moylan to William Watson



Cambridge, December 5, 1775.

SIR: By people who came out of Boston yesterday, we have an account that the enemy are fitting out one of the transports, which is to carry a number of guns and a large number of men; that the guns are to be concealed in such a manner as not to be perceived until a vessel comes so close as it may not be in their power to get away. She is to carry every appearance of a transport, with hay, &c˙, on her quarters, in order to decoy one or more of our armed vessels into her clutches. If any of the armed vessels are in your port, and are to go out any more, (I mean if Martindale or Coit can get men for their vessels.) you will please to communicate this intelligence to them.

Captain Darby informs me that Captain Coit has unjustly seized on a schooner named the Thomas, from Fayal, bound to Salem. It is his Excellency' s commands that she be immediately delivered up to him, and that Capt˙ Coit pay for any thing that the schooner may be robbed of. It is not the intention of the Continent to interrupt good citizens in their trade. That was not the intent of fitting out these armed vessels at the Continental expense; this Capt˙ Coit would know well if he consulted the instructions given him.

I am, with great respect, sir, your most obedient servant,


To William Watson, Esq˙, Plymouth.