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Proceedings of Lancaser (Pennsylvania) Committee



At a meeting of the Committee of Observation and Inspection at the house of Adam Reigart, the 24th September, 1776,

Present: William Atlee, Edward Shippen, Adam Reigart, Jacob Klatz, Christopher Graffort, George Moore, Henry Dehuff. William Atlee in the chair.


A Letter from the Council of Safety, dated the 18th instant, was read in Committee, mentioning that the Board of War some time since sent them a Resolve, requesting an exact account of the number of State Prisoners confined in the State of Pennsylvania, with their rank or station in the Army, the time of their being taken, and the particular circumstances attending their situation, &c˙; and therefore requesting this Committee immediately to furnish them with a particular account of all the Prisoners in this County, that they may be enabled to furnish the Board of War with the said account, agreeable to their resolves.

The Committee, taking the said Letter into consideration, direct that the Sergeant-Majors of the Seventh and Twenty-Sixth Regiments be immediately sent for, and directed to furnish this Committee with lists of the Prisoners of their respective Regiments, who have from time to time been brought to this place.

Mr˙ Hugh appears in Committee, and requests that the Accounts which he left with the Committee against the Officers who made their escape from Lebanon, may be delivered up to him, as he says he has a prospect of getting his Moneys; and it is ordered that Mr˙ Atlee deliver them to him, taking his receipt for them.

Ann Brown having been convicted of stealing sundry goods at Mr˙ Slough' s Mill, and the goods being returned to the owner, and the said Ann Brown being far gone with child, and the gaoler being apprehensive of her being soon delivered there, it is the sentiments of the Committee that she be discharged and sent out of town.

Rebecca Williams having been confined on suspicion of stealing goods from —, being also in the same situation, and the winter approaching, it is also the sentiments of the Committee that she be discharged and sent out of town.