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Second Reading of the Bill Debate

Mr. Dowdeswell


The order of the day, for the second reading of the Bill, being read,

Mr˙ Dowdeswell said, he did not mean to oppose the Bill now, but he meant to present a petition from the Agent of America, before the third reading; and he would then confine his debate to the injustice of preventing the parties to be heard at the Bar, on the validity of their charter. To this point only he should direct his opposition, and he meant to do it, and collect all his force against the two Bills; the one for the regulating the civil Government, and the other for the impartial administration of justice, in regard to trials, on the third reading, which was appointed for Monday.

Mr. Dyson

Mr˙ Dyson desired leave to observe, that neither in one case or the other of the two Bills, did the House proceed as a court of justice, but in their capacity as a legislative body, regulating and controlling the deficiency of charters which had been granted by the Crown.

Lord North

Lord North said he intended to move for commitment of the present Bill for the 29th, and for the third reading of them both on the 2d of May.

Mr. Cavendish

Mr˙ Cavendish wished to be informed from the House, whether it was the usual custom of Parliament to debate the principle of a Bill, after it had been committed?

Colonel Barré

Colonel Barré said, he thought the Bill deserved to be opposed in every stage on the principle on which it was framed; but on the third reading, was as proper a stage as any. He had considered with himself, and weighed in his own mind the grounds upon which this Bill was formed; and the result of his deliberation was, that it will be odious to the persons for whose benefit it is intended, by being odious to the People; and that it will be oppressive to America at large.

Bill Read

The Bill was then read the second time, and committed to a Committee of the whole House.

Resolved, That this House will, upon Friday morning next, resolve itself into a Committee of the whole House, upon the said Bill.