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Signers in Derryfield


John Hall,
William Parkham,
Thomas Newman,
Ebenezer Stevens,
David Merrill,
Daniel Hall,
William McClintock,
John Dickey,
John Goffe,
John Rand,
Samuel Moor,
Robert Canningham,
Alex˙ MacMurphy,
Samuel Boyd,
Charles Emerson,
Michael McClinto,
Benjamin Cranbie,
David Starrel,
Ezekiel Stevens,
John Parham,
William Nutt,
Benjamin Baker,
John Harvey,
William Parham,
George Greaham,
Simon Lull,
William Gambell,
James Peirse,
Abraham Merrill,
Abraham Merrill,
Jonathan Merrill,
John Ray,
Moses Merrill,
Nathaniel Boyd,
John Russ,
Robert Clark,
Samuel Stark,
Joseph George,
Jesse Baker,
James German,
James McWright,
John Grifen,
Moses Crombey,
Joseph Griffin,
Joseph Farmer,
Hugh Thomson.


Colony of New-Hampshire, Derryfield, June 1, 1776.

To the Hon˙ MESHECH WEARE, Chairman:

This is to certify that we, the subscribers, have presented the within Declaration to the Inhabitants of said Town, and they have all signed said Declaration who we, in our judgment, thought had a right to sign the same.

Certified by us, &c˙ DAVID STARRET, Selectmen.
JOHN PAKKHAM, Selectmen.