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Appointment of Delegates to Congress


Sunday, November 10, 1776.

Convention met. All Members present as on yesterday, except Mr˙ Gibson.

The Proceedings of yesterday were read.

On motion of Mr˙ S˙ Wright, the question was put, That a Committee be appointed to revise the Declaration of Rights and the form of Government, and that the same be read in the House and signed by the President before the rising of this Convention, and that the said Committee correct language and report to the House any inconsistencies they may discover therein? Carried in the negative.

The order of the day, for taking into consideration the Letter from the President of Congress of the 2d of October last, being read, the Convention took the same into consideration: and thereupon

Resolved, That the Honourable Matthew Tilghman, Esq˙, and Thomas Johnson, Jun˙, William Paca, Thomas Stone, Samuel Chase, Benjamin Rumsey, and Charles Carroll, Barrister, Esquires, or any three or more of them, be Delegates to represent this State in Congress until the first day of March next, or until the General Assembly shall make further order therein; and that the said Delegates, or any three or more of them, be authorized and empowered to concur with the other United States, or a majority of them, in forming a Confederation, and in making foreign alliances, provided that such Confederation, when formed, be not binding upon this State without the assent of the General Assembly; and the said Delegates, or any three or more of them, are also authorized and empowered to concur in any measures which may be resolved on by Congress for carrying on the war with Great Britain, and securing the liberties of the United States, reserving always to this State the sole and exclusive right of regulating the internal police thereof.

And the said Delegates, or any three or more of them, are hereby authorized and empowered, notwithstanding any measures heretofore taken, to concur with the Congress, or a majority of them, in accommodating our unhappy differences with Great Britain, on such terms as the Congress, or a majority of them, shall think proper.

Adjourned till three o' clock.

Post Meridiem. Convention met. Mr˙ H˙ Wilson and Mr˙ Ringgold appeared in the House.

On motion, Resolved, That no Civil Officer or Delegate to Congress be appointed, unless there shall be a majority of the Members present in his favour.

The Convention proceeded to ballot for a Council of Safety, and John Hall, George Plater, Daniel of Saint Thomas Jenifer, Brice Thomas Beale Worthington, Charles Grahame, Joseph Nicholson, Nicholas Thomas, William Rumsey, and James Tilghman, Esquires, were elected.

Convention adjourns till to-morrow morning, nine o' clock.