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The Committee of both Houses, appointed to examine Caleb Wheaton, Caleb Wheaton, Jun˙, and Joseph Wheaton, Prisoners taken in the Brig bound from Boston to Halifax, and sent to this Court by the Committee of Marblehead, have attended that service, and report: That it appearing to your Committee that the said Caleb Wheaton having, while in Boston, been an Associator, and in other instances unfriendly to American liberty, are of opinion that the said Caleb Wheaton, Caleb Wheaton, Jun˙, and Joseph Wheaton, jointly and severally, give bond to the Treasurer of this Colony in the penal sum of five hundred Pounds, the condition whereof to be that they and every one of them will be of good behaviour, and will not correspond with any of the enemies of America, or take up arms against the United American Colonies; and that they subscribe and make solemn oath before a Justice of the Peace within this Colony that they will faithfully observe and fulfil the conditions before-mentioned; and that they pay such cost and charge as hath arisen by their being brought before the General Court; and in default of their complying with the foregoing, that they be committed to close confinement until the further order of the General Court.

CALEB CUSHING, per order.

Read, and accepted.