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Ordered to be Engrossed


FRIDAY, March 31, 1775.

Sir Charles Whitworth, according to Order, reported from the Committee of the Whole House, to whom the Bill to amend and render more effectual, in his Majesty' s Dominions in America, an Act passed in this present session of Parliament, entituled "An Act for the punishing Mutiny and


Desertion, and for the better Payment of the Army and their Quarters," was committed, the amendments which the Committee had made to the Bill; and which they had directed him to report to the House; and he read the Report in his place; and afterwards delivered the Bill, with the amendments, in at the Clerk' s table, where the amendments were once read throughout; and then a second time, one by one; and upon the question severally put thereupon, were agreed to by the House.

Ordered, That the Bill, with the amendments, be engrossed.