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The King' s Message, of Seventh March, 1774


March 7th, 1774.

The Lord North acquainted the House, that he had a Message from his Majesty to this House, signed by his Majesty; and he presented the same to the House; and it was read by Mr˙ Speaker, (all the members of the House being uncovered,) and is as followeth, viz:


His Majesty, upon information of the unwarrantable practices which have been lately concerted, and carried on in North America, and particularly of the violent and outrageous proceedings at the town of Boston, in the Province of Massachusetts Bay, with a view of obstructing the commerce of this Kingdom, and upon grounds and pretences immediately subversive of the constitution thereof, have thought fit to lay the whole matter before his two Houses of Parliament, fully confiding as well in their zeal for the maintenance of his Majesty' s authority, as in their attachment to the common interest and welfare of all his Dominions, that they will not only enable his Majesty effectually to take such measures as may be most likely to put an immediate stop to the present disorders, but will also take into their most serious consideration what further regulations and permanent provisions may be necessary to be established, for better securing the execution of the laws, and the just dependence of the Colonies upon the Crown and Parliament of Great Britain.

G˙ R.