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General Orders: Head-Quarters, at Harlem Heights, October 1 to 4


Head-Quarters, Harlem Heights, October 4, 1776.

(Parole, Holland.)

(Countersign, Boston.)

The shameful inattention in some of the camps to decency and cleanliness, in providing necessaries, and picking up the offal and filth of the camp, having been taken notice of before in general; after this time particular Regiments will be pointed out by name when such practices prevail.

The Court-Martial whereof Colonel Magaw was President, is dissolved. The Brigade-Majors are immediately to settle a new one, Colonel Weedon to preside.

As there are many officers in camp whose health will not admit their going on piquet, but can attend Court-Maitial, the Brigade-Majors are to attend to this circumstance in forming the Court, by which means the duty will be easier to the whole.