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Delegates to the General Congress of Commissioners


New-London, July 15, 1774.

The Honourable Committee of Correspondence for the Colony of Connecticut, met at this town on Wednesday, the 13th instant, and by virtue of authority from the Honourable Lower House of Assembly, in May last, for that purpose, nominated the Honourable Eliphalet Dyer, and William Samuel Johnson, Erastus Wolcott, Silas Deane, and Richard Law, Esqrs˙, that is to say, any three of them, on behalf of this Colony, to attend the general Congress of Commissioners, of the English American Colonies, proposed to be holden at Philadelphia, on the 1st of September next; with them to consult and advise on proper measures to promote the general good and welfare of the


whole, and for obtaining a redress of the grievances under which we labour. Being a matter of great expectancy, a number of gentlemen from the neighbouring towns attended. About four o' clock, P˙ M˙, the gentlemen Committee declared to the expecting people their choice; upon which a royal salute was fired from our battery, and also a salute from the shipping in the harbour. Decency, good order, and loyalty, were conspicuous in all ranks and degrees of the people.