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Letter from the Committee of New-York to the Committee of Correspondence at Philadelphia


New-York, July 28, 1774.

GENTLEMEN: After various contests and other intervening circumstances to prevent our endeavours for terminating the appointment of our Delegates to represent this city and county in the general Congress, we have at length the pleasure to acquaint you, that a mode has been adopted which has given universal satisfaction; that of opening a regular poll in each Ward of this city. In consequence whereof, the following five gentlemen, James Duane, Philip Livingston, John Alsop, John Jay, and Isaac Low, were unanimously elected.

Circular Letters have also been despatched to the different counties in this Province, informing them of what we have done, and requesting them each to appoint, with all possible speed, one or more Delegates to join and go with ours to Congress; or if they choose to confide in our Delegates, to signify such their determination, in the most clear and explicit terms the first opportunity after the sense of the counties can be known on so interesting a subject.

We received your favour, enclosing the Resolves and Instructions of your Provincial Committee to the House of Assembly; they are approved, and do great honour to the authors. We are gentlemen, your most humble servants.

By order of the Committee.