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Eight hundred men to be inlisted


Friday, November 10, 1775.

Voted, That there be forthwith inlisted in the service of this Colony, for the defence and security of the Harbour of Piscalaqua, and the Fortresses there, eight hundred men, officers included, to be divided into eight Companies, and officered with one Captain, two Lieutenants, and one Ensign, to each Company, and to remain in the service two months, unless they or any number of them be


sooner discharged by the Congress or Committee of Safety, and they be under the command of the Field-Officers now there, viz: Colonel Joshua Wingate, Lieutenant-Colonel John Burnam, and Major James Hackett; and that Major Stephen Clark, of Epping, Captain Caleb Hodgdon, of Dover, Captain Parsons, of Rye, Captain Henry Elkins, of Hampton, Major Peter Coffin, of Exeter, Captain Jacob Webster, of —, Moses Baker, of Candia, and Captain David Copp, of Wakefield, be the Captains of the said eight Companies, and that Captain Baker' s two Lieutenants be in Londonderry Regiment, provided they raise half the Company, or forty-eight men.

That Orders be given to the Captains to inlist said Company in the following Form, viz:

"In Congress at EXETER, November, 1775.

"To —

"SIR: You are hereby empowered immediately to inlist a Company, to consist of ninety-six able-bodied, effective men, well accoutred with arms and blankets, including Sergeants and Corporals, as soldiers in the New-Hampshire service, for the defence of Picataqua Harbour, for the term of two months, unless discharged sooner; and you are hereby informed you shall be entitled to the command, as Captain of said Company, when raised, and to nominate three persons to serve as subalterns under you, and that both officers and soldiers shall be paid the same wages as the Continental Troops are, exclusive of coats and blankets; and that the Soldiers sign the following Inlistment, viz:

"We, the subscribers, do severally inlist ourselves as Soldiers in the New-Hampshire service, for the defence of Piscalaqua Harbour, for the term of two months, unless discharged sooner; and we hereby promise to submit ourselves to all the orders and regulations of the Army, and faithfully to observe and obey all such orders as we shall receive from time to time from our officers."