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Depositions against Townsend and Scarborough


Depositions against TOWNSEND and SCARBROUGH.

September 12, 1776.

SIR: Upon request of your wife, I was this day going to a Magistrate, to give my deposition respecting your case; but am informed the Magistrate will not take it, but refers me to the Committee, and time will not permit the calling, and my going before the Committee for that purpose, at this time.

I am informed that you charge my oath against you as the principal cause of your present troubles. This is to assure you that I never to my knowledge swore an oath against you that could, in my opinion, injure you, was it fairly laid before the honourable Convention; nor indeed could I, with truth. I cannot now charge my memory what the several questions was that were asked me about you in Committee, or what my particular answers, if I said any thing that was construed to show that you intended to go on board any of the fleet under the command of Lord Dunmore, introduce the King' s forces, or raise an army to join them. I do now solemnly declare that I never intended so to be understood, and, if called upon, would, at any time, make affidavit of it. But, as I said before, I scarce know the particulars of my oath before the Committee, as being a close prisoner, and under fear and apprehension. Yet, be assured, I was not so scared or surprised as to have sworn what I understand you have heard of.

Your obedient servant,


To Mr˙ William Burkley Townsend.