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Ezra Thompson to Jonathan Landon



SIR: According to your orders of the 1st of December, 1776, I have measured the work done by McDonald and his workmen since his last agreement with you and Committee appointed to explore mines in this State, viz: he sunk from the west to the east, five feet depth, and extended the same twenty-four feet in length, and three feet in breadth; he also had sunk from northeast to the southwest, eleven feet in depth, and extended the same two-and-a-half feet in length, and twelve feet in breadth. The above different measures are as exact as I could make. He likewise has drawn a report, the truth of which, as far as I could understand, may be depended on.

Sir, I remain your very humble servant,


December 3d, 1776.

By agreement McDonald was to dig one hundred and eight cubick feet for ten pounds. He has dug six hundred and ninety cubick feet, which, at the rate of ten pounds for one hundred and eight, amounts to sixty-three pounds seventeen shillings and nine pence.