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Memorial of Daniel Tucker



To his Excellency Major-General PHILIP SCHUTLER, Esq˙,commanding the Troops of the UNITED STATES, Northern Department, &c˙, &c˙, &c˙:

Your Excellency' s memorialist begs leave to lay before you his grievances. My former services you are not unacquainted with. I being an inhabitant of Canada, living at St˙ John' s, on the lands of Jno˙ Christie, when your Army came into Canada, was not only a very great sufferer in having my hay fields and household furniture destroyed, but was made prisoner by Major Preston, of the Twenty-Sixth Regiment of British troops, and kept in confinement in the fort of St˙ John' s eight weeks, till the happy surrender to General Montgomery. His former knowledge of me induced him to appoint me Assistant Quartermaster-General for the department of Montreal. The unfortunate necessity of retreating out of Canada, was ordered to proceed with the Army, obliged to leave all I was possessed of and retreat with my family to Ticonderoga, where General Gates had all his Staff Officers. Was then ordered to settle my accounts with the Commissioners for that purpose; have ever since waited impatiently to be called upon for service, but seeing no appearance of it my friends advised me to make this application. Must, therefore, beg your Excellency to provide for me, either staff or military, which will be acknowledged by your most obedient and very humble servant,