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Letter from John McDonald


I, Ezra Thomson, Esq˙, at the Great Nine-Partners, Dutchess County, do hereby acknowledge to have received from the honourable Provincial Congress for the Colony of New-York, by the hands of John McDonald, inspector and accountant of the mine, the following inventory of mining tools which hath been used in clearing and repairing the pits or shafts, &c˙, of the mines here, from the 25th June, 1776, and preceding the 13th of August thereafter, 1776, for which tools I become under the obligation to keep safe in my possession, wailing their further instruction relative to this mine, or until the same is delivered to any having their punctual orders, as witness my hand this day of August, 1776.


Viz: 1 iron maul, hammer or sledge, weighing; 2spades or shovels; 2 iron picks; 4 iron wedges; 1 broad-raced axe; 1 womble or auger, of one inch diameter; 1 hand-saw; 10 fathom rope, with one iron hook; 1 windlass wheel, for the use of drawing rubbish from pits or shafts; 2 buckets, eighteen inches deep, with iron hoops and handles, and which are left full of lead-ore, supposed to weigh about three or four hundred weight; and after it is well dressed, supposing to be three hundred weight.