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General Livingston to General Washington



Elizabethtown, July 5, 1776.

MAY IT PLEASE YOUR EXCELLENCY: I forwarded the enclosed early this morning, but, through a mistake of the express, it was this moment returned to me; since which I am honoured with your Excellency' s letter of this day, part of which is answered by the enclosed letter. Everything in my power shall be carefully attended to for the publick good. We have plenty of provision, and am informed it will continue. I forgot to mention in my last, that, on examining a person who was taken by one of the tenders in the Kills, I found that Captain Williams, of the tender, has a wife and children in New York: he married Benjamin Stout' s daughter, in the Bowery. I mention this circumstance, as it may lead to discover a correspondence between them. The examinant said that Captain Williams expressed his desire of leaving the service, and getting to New York. General Mercer having returned yesterday, I send back the letter directed to him.

Colonel Drake, of the second Morris battalion, has not been able to come down with his men till this day. He has about two hundred and fifty men, who will be here this evening, and I shall forward them to New York tomorrow morning, without delay, unless your Excellency shall give other orders.

I have the honour to be your Excellency' s most humble and most obedient servant,