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The Committee on Colonel Arnold' s Order reported. Read and accepted.

Resolved, That there be paid out of the publick Treasury, to the order of Lochlan Mclntosh, Esq˙, the sum of thirty-one Pounds, ten Shillings, and four Pence, in full of his order.


Mr˙ Gerry, agreeable to order, reported a Resolve directing the Colonels of the Massachusetts Forces to return a list of the names of the men in their respective Regiments.

Read, and not accepted; and Mr˙ Gerry was directed to bring in a Resolve directing that application should be made to General Washington, for the purpose aforesaid.

Ordered, That the Secretary lay on the table the Petition of Warwick Palfrey.

The Secretary laid the same on the table accordingly.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Crane, Colonel Orne, and Colonel Cutt, be a Committee to consider a Resolve of the Provincial Congress prohibiting the sale of English Goods after the 10th day of October next, and report what is expedient to be done thereon.