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In the Commons House of Assembly, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY, 3, 1775.

Whereas, the Continental Congress, held at the City of Philadelphia in September last, amongst other things, recommended to the several Colonies in North-America to choose Deputies as soon as possible, to hold another Congress at the same place, on the tenth day of May next; and this House being fully satisfied with the conduct and fidelity of their late Deputies at the Congress, do hereby nominate and appoint the Honourable Henry Middleton, Esquire, Thomas Lynch, Christopher Gadsden, John Rutledge, and Edward Rutledge, Esquires, Deputies for and in behalf of this Colony, to meet the Deputies appointed, or to be appointed on the part and behalf of the other Colonies, at the City of Philadelphia, or any other place that shall be agreed on by the said Deputies in General Congress, with full power and authority to concert, agree to, and effectually prosecute such measures as, in the opinion of the said


Deputies, and the Deputies to be assembled, shall be most likely to obtain a redress of American grievances.

Resolved, That the Deputies hereby appointed on the part and behalf of this Colony, are authorized and empowered to agree that the Continental Congress may meet at any future time, and at such place as shall be agreed on, and to adjourn from time to time, provided it do not exceed nine months from the date of their meeting in May next. Attested: